Canopy Tribes

luxury camping in the Grand scale
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Canopy Tribes
Canopy Tribes 2.25 05 2

7815, Jln Lombong, Batu 8, Kota Tinggi 81900

luxury camping in the Grand scale

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  • Review by Davychan


    It just simply gives us a super warm hearted welcome upon arrival. The owner Malcolm had been the best host to his guests & providing great service to extend our expectations & beautiful memory. 
    Tents& facilities in the Glamping are sufficient & complete to accommodate. 
    Definitely will go back to this lovely place.
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  • Review by Leng12, Singapore


    My husband has always talked about how he enjoyed camping when he was young and how he'd like his children to enjoy nature like he did. When he booked a 3D2N stay at Canopy Tribes for us, the children (3 and 6 years old) were excited, but I was worried about having to rough it out at my age.
    Getting there: was a breeze from Singapore. Stopped at a popular local BKT shop about 30 mins from Canopy Tribes. Travelling time after clearing customs is about 90 mins.
    Stay: the tents were spacious even with 4 single foam mattresses laid out. There are also pillows and blankets for all 4 of us eventhough the baby doesn't have to pay. The tent is also decked out with a table fan, hangers on a rack, standing lamp and carpets on the floor. The tent is comfortable to be inside of once the sun is setting. The roof is very high and with the windows unzipped, it is cooling enough to be in the tent. We spent a few hour after dinner and before bedtime playing and chatting inside our tent as it kept out all the insects. It can get a little chilly in the night, so it was a comfortable enough sleep.
    Food: Bob and his crew prepared so much food for all 4 of us for breakfast and dinner. The food from the grill was delicious and everything else was perfectly seasoned and cooked as well.
    Drinks: soft drinks, instant coffee, tea, milo, hot and cold filtered water are served throughout the day.
    Entertainment: There are a lot of movies and MTVs to watch. We had to run through a few before we managed to find those that would play smoothly, but this is expected when guests (man)handle the players and discs themselves. During mealtimes, the crew would put on lovely songs as accompaniment - really sets the mood. There are a lot of board games to choose from too, some of which unfortunately were also manhandled. But we STILL had fun. With a bit of improvisation, we had so many fun rounds of Reversi. There was also this Falling Monkey and Humpty Dumpty games that are enormously fun. Children are always bouncing in the trampoline or lazing in the hammock next to the lounge.
    There is a rambutan tree on the camp grounds that were bearing beautiful fruits. We had some this morning, freshly plucked! Just ask.
    The resident animals, Brenda and Rabbit, also provided much company to the children. Bring along some food for them if you can.
    Other things to do: we didn't go to the waterfall though we drove up to its gate. We went to the town (about 15 km away) and did some shopping at the Heritage Mall. We had a KFC lunch that was delicious too! Along the way were rubber plantations that we could explain to the children about its purpose. They enjoyed that little bit too.
    Conclusion: If you are expecting a luxurious hotel-like stay then you will surely be disappointed. However, if I had known that there is a comfortable lounge with TV, fans that are switched on for your comfort everywhere you go, heated water and flushing toilets, a safe place to park your car and sleep in despite just being a zipped up tent, food and drinks provided round the clock, a friendly and observant crew who really looks after you, I wouldn't have worried at all. Sure, it's not all glamorous, but wanting to be in a tranquil rainforest also comes with its associated humidity and heat. I didn't see all that many flies and the mozzies leave you alone most of the time too if you cover up with long sleeves and pants. Just remember to use insect repellant.
    In these few days, the children didn't asked to be entertained by gadgets and didn't mind being sweaty and sprayed with anti-mozzie spray several times a day. They always had something to do or see and that's a pleasant change for them to experience. 
    Verdict: Great for children and youngsters. Might be good for older bones too but will need to see the associated fun and benefit beyond the apparent lack of luxury.
    We saw people coming in to cut the grass and build a drain when we were there so I believe the state of incompleteness is but work in progress. Thank you, Malcolm, for building this place in nature for us.
    Stayed August 2016, travelled with family
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